Saturday, April 16, 2016

leauge of ledgends

so... my friend pestered me till i agreed to play. no sorry AGREED is not the right word. he insisted. with shad you dont refuse.
well you can but it usually involves hanging up on him and ignoring him and thats not nice.... nor does it end well.
anyway. i dont like MOBAS and my cousins previous constant irritating attempts to get me to play DOTA Don't help my lack of desire to play. (at least he stopped. but hes not as stubborn as some people i know.) but shad got me to play league.
 ill never admit i like it. but its ok. at the very least I've decided to play characters everyone hates and annoy the shit out of everyone. *insert diabolical laughter here*

my champions so far:

annie the pyro ten yearold with the teddybear and personality from hell...
Soraka a healer champion. likes droping stars on peoples heads.teemo assasin supposedly op vanishes when he stands still poisons with.. all his attacks even his basic leaves exploding invisable mushrooms everywere and moves very fast. everyone hates him and hes aparently earned the nickname satan. i dont get it.
ashe havent played her yet. an archer with icey projectiles.
garen i lack a nifty cartoony portrait for him. havent played him hes as i understand a tanky knight has a big sword and spins with it... hows he not get dizzy?

portraits courtesy of an extremely outdated L.O.L. fansite kit.

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